Petals of Hope Foundation, Inc. is an innovative network of professional women that provide support throughout their community to provide support through educational programs, health programs, and social welfare, to individuals and family members. Petals of Hope Foundation, Inc. receives no government funding; all programs and operations are made possible through volunteer hours of members and the generosity of donors. Petals of Hope Foundation, Inc. intends to undertake fundraising on its own behalf, including direct mail, e-mail, as well as online solicitation strategies to be developed by the Board of Directors.

All fundraising to be engaged in by and for the foundation shall be conducted primarily in Orlando, Florida, however the foundation intends participation in fundraising in all 50 states, via Internet. Petals of Hope Foundation intends to receive funding through a number of sources, including corporate participation, private foundations, and other charitable organizations that share our commitment.   The Board of Directors shall determine the standards, restrictions, limitations, conditions, and terms for any donations.
Thank you for your consideration and contribution.